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SEITZ Concerto

SEITZ Concerto for Violin and Piano No.1-5
Hyejin Chung, violin | Warren Lee, piano

Naxos 8.573801
Release Date: Dec 2017


Ebony and Ivory

SCHUBERT Three Sonatas for Violin and Piano
Hyejin Chung, violin | Warren Lee, piano

Naxos 8.573579
Release Date: June 2016

"This is one of the better recordings of these works... Good sound..."
~ American Record Guide


Ebony and Ivory

Touches and Traces: Piano Music by Leonard Bernstein and Tan Dun
Warren Lee, piano

Naxos 9.70252
Release Date: April 2016

"Warren Lee is a first-rate artist, and this program of miniatures by Bernstein and Tan is exquisite in every respect." ~ American Record Guide


Ebony and Ivory

EBONY and IVORY: Works for Clarinet and Piano
Andrew Michael Simon, clarinet | Warren Lee, piano

Naxos 8.573022
Release Date: December 2013


"I much appreciate that Andrew and Warren visited me in London in November 2012 to discuss their approach to these clarinet works. I am delighted with their performances on this CD, which retain all my own ideas and display the artists' individual technical brilliance and sensitivity to every detail."~ Composer Joseph Horovitz

From Bach to Gershwin

From Bach To Gershwin
A Musical Journey | Warren Lee

Universal Music (Hong Kong) 480102-0
Original Release Date: June 2008
Re-mastered Version Release Date: June 2011

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Classical … and Beyond
[李偉安]創作了別開生面的文案,很立體的介紹了古典音樂的林林種種,而不限於他在CD上演奏的幾首鋼琴作品集。不但誠意可嘉,我認為他的”listening manual”確是有創意兼得意,也最緊要實用。即使你自問識嘢,也開卷有益。

English Translation: Warren produced a creative yet thoughtful “listening manual” that introduces one to the world of classical music, far beyond the repertoire featured on the CD. Not only should one applaud the sincerity of his effort, but also for his creativity and the practicality of the manual. Even if you regard yourself as a connoisseur, there is still something to be gained from the manual....
- Hi Fi Review (Hong Kong) July, 2011 by Savio Lau

Warren Lee/ From Bach To Gershwin
李偉安這張 <<From Bach To Gershwin>>,可算是一個罕有的,值得我們香港人引以為榮的成功例子! … [李偉安]清楚地展示他對不同作曲家,不同風格的作品,都能擁有全面的適應性和駕御力。李偉安的整體演奏,相當穩健細緻,含蓄中炫技點到即止…而且做句細膩,樂思盈然。

English Translation: Warren Lee’s “From Bach To Gershwin” is a success that Hong Kong can be proud of… [Warren] displays his complete mastery and understanding of the different styles… It is a bold yet refined performance, with characters well balanced, technique well executed and phrasing well polished.
- Audio Land Hivi Land (Hong Kong), Issue 192, July 2011


香港經濟日報 | 2008年7月23日


香港學校音樂節參考教材 (DVD) - 第六十六屆
Brio Music Press
Release Date: November 2013


Faith Hope Love

Sacred Choral Music

Choir of St. Paul’s Co-educational College
Naxos 8.572703


As Music Director of St. Paul’s Co-educational College, Naxos’ “Faith Hope Love” is Warren Lee’s first complete album as an executive producer. His choral work, “As Small As A Mustard Seed” is also featured as one of three commissioned works premièred on this recording.


Described as “first class by international standard”, the album is voted by Audio Land Hivi Land as “Best Album of the Best in 2010”.
- Audio Land Hivi Land, Vol.187, February 2011

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