Choral Works

Warren & Son

House Rules for various combinations of voices (2013)
2nd Prize, Gianni Bergamo Classic Music Award


Dedicated to those whose mobile phones had gone off in concerts (as well as those who have been repeatedly annoyed by the going off of mobile phones in concerts), this petite waltz-like piece is set against perhaps the most important message of any concert: the “house rules” of concert halls! The tag line of the song, “This is not the music you’ve come here for” is set to a motif taken from the Grans Vals for solo guitar by Spanish composer, Francisco Tárrega (1852-1909), written in 1902; which was later transformed into a household tune by Nokia!

This song is suitable for all ages and is best programmed at the beginning of any concert, whose audience appreciates being reminded of the house rules in an unconventional, but more musical and surprising way!

May I Go Now for SSAA choir (2012)

The Lord’s Prayer for SATB choir and piano (2011)


The Lord’s Prayer, when set to music, allows one more time and space to reflect one’s thoughts, repent one’s sins and cleanse one’s soul. Preceded by a verse from Mark 11:24 in a recitative style, the composer makes use of the chorus’ dynamic range, interweaving of polyphonic and homophonic texture, as well as the contrast between harmonic dissonance and consonance to depict the disparity between the darkness of “evil” and “temptation”, and the assertiveness of “the kingdom, the power and the glory” in the prayer.


The Trees of Tomorrow for SSA choir and piano (2011)


Written to commemorate the retirement of Ms. Lydia Lee, Headmistress of St. Paul’s Co-educational College Primary School in 2011, The Trees of Tomorrow expresses the students’ love and gratitude towards their beloved teachers for their vision, guidance and protection through the years.


The Dream of a Plastic Bag
for SSA choir, piccolo, piano and plastic bags (2010)
Published by Pavane Publishing (Catalogue: P-1458) | VIDEO


Inspired by Lucinda Jacob’s poem by the same title, The Dream of a Plastic Bag brings alive the feeling, emotion and aspiration of the plastic bags not only through the imaginative sound of the children’s voices, but also by means of a number of effects created by the plastic bags and their espoused higher form of existence, balloons. Be prepared for surprises as one of the balloons may well end up on those of you on the front rows!


As Small As A Mustard Seed for SA choir and piano (2010)


With text adapted from Matthew 17:20 and Proverbs 16:20, As Small As A Mustard Seed was dedicated by Warren Lee, Music Director of the College to the boys and girls of the St. Paul’s Co-educational College Primary School Young Children’s Choir. With the underlying chromaticism of the opening bass line, the majestic piano introduction presents the seemingly immovable “mountains” of life’s struggles and obstacles. But when the purity of the children’s voices is heard in singing, “If you have faith in Him, even if it’s as small as a mustard seed, then you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there.’” a stark contrast and a sense of inner peace is found in the music. The rising “mountainous” octaves of the piano are heard again at the end where the children sing, “Witness the mountains, ‘Move from here to there.’” as if the mountains are being moved by the strength of the children’s faith.


Braemar Hill Nursery School Song (2008)
School Website


Yew Chung International School Hymn (2006)

Choral Arrangements

XII arranged for two choirs (SATB & SSA) and one-piano-four-hands (2012)


All good things come in twelve in any culture: twelve zodiac signs, twelve disciples of Jesus, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve inches in a foot, twelve notes in an octave, just to name a few. XII is so named because twelve of the most favorite American and Chinese tunes are quoted, borrowed, matched and mismatched, overlapped or otherwise “forced” an appearance in this arrangement that is 396 bars long, a division of twelve. It is written for the choirs of St. Paul’s Co-educational College and Primary School for their 12-day performing tour to the United States in the year 2012

Psalm 23 by Robert Blocker; arranged for SATB choir and piano (2011)


Commissioned by the Adams Outdoor Advertizing for its 25th Anniversary and originally written for baritone solo and piano, Psalm 23 is set in a serene and tranquil musical ambience to “paint” the text, which has been a source of comfort for the composer since his grandmother read it aloud to him as a toddler. With the composer’s kind permission and inspiration, this version was arranged for the SATB chorus by Warren Lee.


Humpty Dumpty by Alan Humphrey; arranged for SA choir and piano (2011)


孩子的呼聲 arranged for SATB and piano (2011)


花非花 (Hua Fei Hua) by Haung Zi; arranged for SSAA choir and piano (2010)


Based on the poem by renowned poet, Bai Juyi (772-­‐846) of the Tang Dynasty set to an eight-­bar melody by Huang Zi (1904-­‐1938), this arrangement incorporates reciting and 4-­part-­singing, as well as introduces new thematic and harmonic elements – as heard in the introduction and interlude between verse 2 and 3 –­ to complement the melodious and pentatonic tune by the original composer. This alternation between “new” and “old”, “known” and “unknown” is inspired by, and reflects, the impressionistic undertone of the poem, translated as follows:

Call it flower -­ 'tis not a flower;
Call it mist -­ 'tis none such either. It comes in the mid’ of the night,
And takes flight when dawn alights;
It lingers for no longer than a Springtime dream,

And vanishes like the fleeting morning clouds.

It is also worthy to note that  “flowers” are often employed by poet Bai Juyi in his literary works to symbolize “things of beauty” – be them fond memories or fine ladies. Here, the poet depicts the misty, almost mysterious “aura” surrounding these “things of beauty”.

Instrumental Arrangements

Waltzing Butterflies @ MGM Macau for piano solo (2012)

Waltzing Butterflies @ MGM Macau for piano, flute, violin, viola, cello and double bass (2012)


Bernstein Candide Overture arranged for 4 pianos 8 hands



Bernstein West Side Story Concert Paraphrase arranged for 4 pianos 8 hands


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