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  • St. Paulian Fanfare For Orchestra

The St. Paulian Fanfare was written in 2015 to commemorate the Centenary of our alma mater, St. Paul’s Co-educational College. Lasting exactly 100 seconds for emblematic reason, it is intended for use as a signature tune for the College’s celebratory events in the centenary year and beyond.
The fanfare opens humbly yet stately with a brief introduction which builds on a motif using the 1st, 5th and 9th degrees of the scale, and spells out “1915” before the spirited theme brings the fanfare to life. Displaying both boldness as well as lyricism, the fanfare ventures into the relatively unexpected but brighter key of its flattened sixth, symbolic of the College’s mission to be an orchestrator of a brighter future. The brief return of the fanfare theme leads to a climatic end, and the melodic contour of the ensuing closing theme has the Cantonese pronunciation of the College’s affectionately known shorthand (聖保羅男女), and its motto (信望愛) in mind.

14 December 2015
Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong
St. Paul’s Co-educational College and Alumni Orchestra
St. Paul’s Co-educational College Centenary Concert

The Sound of St. Paul’s Co-educational College – Centenary Edition
St. Paul’s Co-educational College Orchestra

  • Three Novelettes For Solo Piano (2015)

Dedicated to Robert L. Blocker, Henry and Lucy Moses Dean of Music at Yale University since 1995, Three Novelettes for solo piano were written in July 2015. The multi-layered voices in “Reflection” pay tribute to the multitude of ways Robert inspires those around him in his roles as artist, administrator, educator and human being; “Levity” captures the fun-loving and humorous side of him; and “Blossom” depicts the infectious warmth he radiates and passes on.

17 November 2016
Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, United States
Warren Lee
Solo Recital

15 November 2016
Yale University, New Haven, CT, United States
Warren Lee
Solo Recital

13 November 2016
St. Paul’s School, Concorde, NH, United States
Warren Lee
Solo Recital

3 November 2016
Bard Conservatory of Music, New York, NY, United States
Warren Lee
Solo Recital

28 October 2016
The Education University of Hong Kong
Warren Lee
Lunchtime Recital

11 May 2016
Morse Recital Hall, Yale School of Music, New Haven, CT, United States
Robert Blocker
Horowitz Piano Series 2015-2016


Grade 1 to Grade 8 (2015-2016)
Published by Brio Music Press

“Sight-reading Plus is an organically structured approach to sight-reading that improves performance and musicianship. Warren Lee, a celebrated concert pianist and composer, has authored a series that features new compositions for common challenges that pianists encounter in sight-reading. This distinctive approach is the first of its kind – new works that specifically target problems and at the same time are fun to play! Lee’s methodology focuses on musicality and is quite possibly one of the most significant contributions to the discipline in decades, for the serious student can be virtually assured of improving these essential skills.”
~ Robert Blocker, The Henry and Lucy Moses Dean of Music, Yale University


  • Waltzing Butterflies @ MGM Macau for piano solo (2012)
  • Waltzing Butterflies @ MGM Macau for piano, flute, violin, viola, cello and double bass


  • Bernstein Candide Overture arranged for 4 pianos 8 hands

  • Bernstein West Side Story Concert Paraphrase arranged for 4 pianos 8 hands

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