Warren Lee, composer

Warren LeeDuring a live radio interview when he was only four years old, Warren sat on the piano and composed a short “requiem” in e minor for his deceased bird. Since then, he has found himself composing in as random a fashion and as odd an occasion.

Inspired and mentored by Professor Ezra Laderman when he was a student at Yale School of Music, Warren has since produced numerous arrangements and compositions across different genres, many of which have been recorded and published. From songs in the popular genre to official school hymns, sacred and secular choral works to piano transcriptions, including a “jazzed up” cadenza to a Mozart concerto, Warren always strives for a balance between originality and appeal in his creative outputs.

His choral composition, House Rules – based on the famous “Nokia” ringtone and dedicated to those whose phones had gone off during concerts – won the Second Prize of the Giovanni Bergamo Classic Music Award in Switzerland 2013. His compositions are published by Porfiri & Horvath (Germany), Pavane Publishing (United States), Brio Music Press (Hong Kong) and Hong Kong Children’s Choir (Hong Kong) and have been performed around the world, from New York to London to Vienna.

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and Yale University School of Music, Warren is an accomplished concert pianist on the distinguished Steinway Artist and Naxos Recording Artist rosters; and was received the Ten Outstanding Young Person Award in Hong Kong in 2012 and elected an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music in 2015 for his significant contributions to the music profession.



李偉安於美國耶魯大學修讀音樂,受到Ezra Laderman教授的啟發和指導,開始創作多首各類體裁的作品和編曲,其中大部份已經錄音及出版。他的創作範疇廣泛,由流行曲到校詩,聖樂及世俗音樂的合唱作品到鋼琴改編作品,其中包括莫札特鋼琴協奏曲的「爵士版」華彩樂段,作品以其原創性及吸引力俱備見稱。

李偉安的合唱作品《House Rules》取材自為人熟悉的「諾基亞」鈴聲,向那些在音樂會期間關上手機的觀眾致敬,作品於2013年於瑞士舉辦的Giovanni Bergamo Classic Music Award 中贏得第二名。他的作品獲Porfiri & Horvath (德國)、 Pavane Publishing (美國)、Brio Music Press (香港) 、及香港兒童合唱團 (香港)出版,並於世界各地演奏,包括紐約、倫敦和維也納。


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